Kate has been playing tennis under professional coach Alex Hogan for the last 9 months.

Alex has made huge improvements to Kate’s game and attitude. I recommend him very highly as not only a coach but also as a person. Kate is now playing section 13 and looking to make section 11 for next season, and has also recently started playing pennent all under the guidance of Alex.

He is an exceptional coach whom I highly recommend.

Kate Smith
Semi Private / Harkaway

I can not commend the patience (with 2 young boys ), skill and coaching style of Alex enough!

Accelerate Tennis is a great name for his business given the speed in which a 5 and 6 year old have gotten to the point of rallies!

Alex we want you as our coach for the next 30 years!!! Thank you so much Fabian, Emilie, Oscar and Zander (P.S You’ll have to coach Sophia soon)

Parent / Harkaway